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"A Tuff Shuffle"

Backstage with Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong

Playwright, Danny Mullen

Performer’s  Message


This performance takes place backstage because from my research on Louis Armstrong, I learned that he would usually entertain large groups of well wishers and people down on their luck in his dressing  room after a performance.


Back there, you would find a cross section of people, ranging from priest and politician to prostitute and shoeshine boy.


Dizzy Gillespie said that he and other jazz musicians would often sit around Louis Armstrong to “recharge our batteries.”  And that’s what Satchmo does.


He sparkles with wit and genius, he’s bigger than life.  His rise from poverty to greatness is one of the most amazing journeys you will ever imagine.


Duke Ellington said of Louis Armstrong that , “He was the only man I’ve ever known to be born poor, die rich, and never hurt anybody along the way!”

“A Tuff Shuffle, Backstage with

Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong”

By Danny Mullen

The Great Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong

This theatrical production has been produced by the following theater companies:


The Calumet, Buffalo, NY

 The PURE Theater, Charleston, SC 

The Black Repertory, Berkley, CA 

The Hallwalls Art Center, Buffalo, NY 

The Natn'l Black Theater Festival, Winston Salem, NC 

The Firehall Theater, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte, NC

U.N.O. Downtown Theater, New Orleans, LA

The Carver Theater, Birmingham, Al

Afrp Cultural Center, Charlotte, NC 

The Uptown Theater, Buffalo, NY